500.000 vnđ. Nấm linh chi Hàn Quốc nguyên tai túi ghi 4 tai/1kg. Thân rắn chắc đậm đà thơm mùi linh chi.

Linh chi đỏ túi ghi

 Linh chi đỏ túi ghi
Linh chi đỏ Hàn Quốc túi nâu 
Tác dụng của nấm linh chi đặc biệt tốt với bệnh nhân huyết áp cao, hỗ trợ bệnh nhân tiểu đường, hỗ trợ người bị gan nhiễm mỡ, tốt cho giấc ngủ, giúp giảm béo.
Bảo quản
- Chưa sử dụng để nơi khô ráo.
- Đã sử dụng thì trời lạnh không cần đun lại, trời nóng có thể bị thiu nếu không đun lại ít nhất một lần trong ngày. Nếu không đun lại thì linh chi đã sử dụng có thể để tủ lạnh.
Sử dụng
- Ngày uống 3 lần mỗi lần 5-10 lát mỏng.

A Korean Red Lingzhi brown bag consists of 4 units / 1 kg. Body solid lingzhi with aroma and bitter is of good quality

A Korean Red Lingzhi brown bag consists of 4 units / 1 kg. Body solid lingzhi with aroma and bitter is of good quality.
Korean red lingzhi in brown bagKorean red lingzhi in brown bag

Korean red lingzhi in brown bag
A Korean Red Lingzhi brown bag consists of 4 units / 1 kg. Body solid lingzhi with aroma and bitter is of good quality.
Reduce high blood pressure

Ganoderma in linhzhi helps to thin the blood, so this type of linhzhi can be used to treat high blood pressure and agitation. It is very efficient with high blood pressure and supports diabetes.

Reduce fatigue and support neurological.

Reduce anti-migraine that causes lack of oxygen to the brain and numb limbs.
Help blood circulation

Because lingzhi contains alkaloids (consisting of nitrogen) and adenosine, this makes it a powerful vasodilator. This means that it causes the blood vessels to dilate allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to get around the body. This results in greater energy and more rapid healing. It also further reduces blood pressure.
Help increase the body's immunity
Triterpenes prevent the spread of malignant tumors, way multi molecules polysaccharit work to increase the immunity of the body, and inhibit cancer. Linhzhi can cure prostate cancer.

In addition to strengthening the immune function, acid ganodermic also has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, helps fight bacteria and common viruses such as HSV-1, HSV-2, influenza virus, gingivitis, etc.

Help clean the intestines

Good for intestinal, linhzhi help reduce chronic constipation, supports patients with hemorrhoids.

Ganoderic acids in linhzhi help treat liver-related disease in humans.
Help to reduce joint pain
Side Effects of Lingzhi

However there are some side effects of lingzhi which one needs to be careful. Although lingzhi is generally considered side effect-free, it should not be consumed by those with a very low blood pressure, those taking other hypertension medications, or those going into surgery. Even though low blood pressure is a good thing, if it becomes too low, this causes dizziness and nausea and prevents the formation of blood clots which causes open wounds to bleed continuously. Consult with your doctor before using lingzhi and make sure that they are aware that you are using it before you go into surgery.

Furthermore, extra testosterone results in more drive, libido and musculature. Lingzhi increases testosterone in such small amounts that it is unlikely to have these effects. However if you do notice spots, it may be worth cutting out the lingzhi temporarily to see if that helps.

Some people may experience allergies to lingzhi. If you have allergies to fungi or mold, then you should avoid using lingzhi.

Giá 500.000 VNĐ
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